Global Product Liability


The Product Liability legislation in Sweden is based on the EU Product Liability Directive and is thus somewhat similar to the legislation in other jurisdictions across the EU. The rules regulate the responsibility for a party when a product causes personal injury or damages other property than the product itself. According to Swedish legislation, the liability is strict and may even arise in cases where there is no contractual relationship between the injured person and whoever manufactured, imported or marketed the product. The damages awarded can exceed the value of the product many times over, but claimants often find that, even though the liability is strict, proving the extent of the injury can be very difficult. There is a rule in the Swedish Code of Judicial Procedure (rättegångsbalken, chapter 35 section 5) which grants a plaintiff some leniency if it is unproportionally expensive, difficult or even impossible to fully prove the extent of losses. This rule grants the court discretion in certain cases to estimate the damages to a "reasonable amount" if full proof cannot be presented.

Class actions are permitted in product liability cases in Sweden under the Group Proceedings Act of 2002, provided that certain requirements are fulfilled. The system is based on opt-in and cases can be brought by (i) an individual member of a group who is a natural person or a legal entity (private group action); (ii) by an association of consumers (organizational group action); or (iii) by a designated public authority the Consumer Ombudsman (public group action).

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