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The Protection of Consumer Rights in Angola is governed by Law No 15/03 of June 22, 2013, establishing the general principles of consumer protection policy which was strengthened by the Constitution of the Republic of Angola in 2010 by an exclusive article devoted to the subject, providing as a result constitutional dignity to this class of rights.

Furthermore, the National Institute for Consumer Protection (INADEC) is the body responsible for safeguarding these rights, and for coordinating and implementing measures for their protection, including providing information, education and support for Consumer Protection Associations, deemed not to be subject to specific regulations, such as insurance (the Insurance Regulatory Agency (ARSEG)), financial and banking products (National Bank of Angola (BNA)), securities (Capital Market Commission (CMC)).

Consumer rights covers the following aspects:

  • the quality of goods and services
  • protection of life, health and physical safety
  • freedom of choice and equality in contracts
  • the protection of economic interests and misleading and abusive advertising
  • the prevention and repair of property, moral and individual damage
  • legal, administrative, technical and facilitation of the protection of rights in legal proceedings

Under the terms of the law, the producer, manufacturer and importer are, as a rule, responsible jointly, regardless of the existence of guilt, for repairing the damage caused to consumers, except where it has been proved that it has not placed the goods on the market or that, although it has been placed, the defect does not exist or is the sole fault of the consumer or third party. Regarding service providers, the latter is always responsible for repairing damage to consumers, except where it proves that the default does not exist or is the sole fault of the consumer or third party.

Infringements of consumer protection standards are subject to the following administrative penalties:

  • fines
  • seizure of goods
  • destruction of goods
  • prohibition of the manufacture of goods or services
  • suspension of the supply of goods or services
  • temporary suspension of activity and/or prohibition of establishment

Despite the tools available to protect consumer interests, violations do occur related to the poor quality of goods and services and the lack of adequate information. In addition to the legal and constitutional rights provided for, an active policy of education on consumer rights is therefore required, combined with effective communication and more consumer associations and entities.

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