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Under the general regulation of consumer protection, sellers are obliged to introduce only safe products to the market. The Slovak legislation imposes strict  liability on producers for property damage and damage to a consumer's health and life caused by a faulty product. A producer can be held liable for damages caused by a defective product up to €116 million.

Criminal liability for product faults applies in cases when a producer introduces products, works or services to the market and withholds details of their substantial faults. In such case the producer commits the criminal offence of damaging the consumer and may be imprisoned for up to 12 years; legal entities may face monetary sanctions of up to €1,600,000 or may even be required to cease doing business.

and medical devices

DLA Piper in Slovakia is experienced in reviewing and auditing clients' compliance with regulatory requirements governing promotional activities and consumer protection. Moreover, we represent many of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical and biological products and we are ready to provide services also as a litigation counsel.


We advise on important developments affecting the consumer products sector and represent consumer product manufacturers. Our assistance also includes review or preparation of promotion terms, in order to ensure compliance with Slovak statutory requirements and help mitigate the risk of sanctions by the regulators.


We offer full-service legal support on product liability compliance as well as dispute resolution and potential litigation. Our regulatory lawyers have deep knowledge advising on the requirements of regulatory authorities in the field of consumer protection and product liability. We offer comprehensive solutions which cover the widest range of risks and satisfy the most demanding requirements.

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