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In Croatia, product safety and regulatory compliance is something manufacturers must manage with the greatest diligence. Otherwise, they are exposed to compensation of damages claims which can result in reputational risks as well as high-level expenses. If due to a product defect a person is injured or killed, or if any tangible property other than the product is damaged, the manufacturer is liable regardless of fault, if the nature of the product is such that it is generally intended for personal use and if the injured party mainly used the product for that purpose.

We provide comprehensive advice on product liability compliance and offer our knowhow in various sectors through our team of dispute resolution lawyers.


We offer full-service legal support on product liability and compliance. Our lawyers have extensive experience in settling disputes arising from damages claims in relation to product liability, as well as advising clients and offering solutions which cover assessment of potential risks in relation to product liability.

Consumer products

We handle product liability related issues by liaising with business partners, and we advise on consumer liability, always keeping our clients’ commercial interests at the forefront and providing them with full regulatory support.

Pharmaceuticals and medical devices

We continue to advise several of the world’s leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical products on regulatory matters. Our assistance also includes dispute resolution arising from damage claims in respect to product liability. Our long-term understanding of the regulatory requirements of the pharmaceuticals industry has enabled us to resolve disputes and achieve cost-effective results in high-profile engagements.

Food and beverage

We have provided comprehensive advice to one of the world’s largest companies operating in the food and beverage sector as well as in the retail sector related to overview of the foreseeable scenarios in which the company could be held liable with respect to potential product liability issues relating to food products.

Automotive and transport

We provide guidance and assistance to automotive manufactures in disputes arising from product liability claims. We have also provided advice in relation to regulatory and compliance aspects of the respective sectors. Our clients depend on us to develop efficient solutions in resolving disputes through litigation and out-of-court settlements.

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